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International Airfreight Services

Whether you're an overseas student taking back belongings to your country or your time restrictions mean that you need your consignment to be at its destination as quickly as possible then let our comprehensive Airfreight department take control of all your unaccompanied baggage.

Choose between Airfreight and Seafreight

For smaller consignments it is normally recommended to use our Airfreight service. Airfreight is particulary recommended for landlocked countries such as Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana & Malawi. On consignments over 20kgs we would recommend our door to airport service while consignments under 20kgs will be more economical to send on our Door to Door Service.

What is Volumetric Weight?

All air cargo is shipped based on the weight of the consignment. Occasionally though you will come across a consignment that will be charged on the Volumetric Weight.
This is when the items volume exceeds the weight, eg. a box of lightly packed feathers. The airline will not ship based on the actual weight but on the volumetric weight.

So how do you know what your volumetric weight is? Luckily the airlines have given us a very simple equation to work this out. Are you ready? Here comes the math...

( Length(cm) x Width(cm) x Height(cm) ) / 6000 = Volumetric Weight

So if this is larger than the items actual weight you will be charged on the volumetric weight. How can we get round this? We can pack heavier items into the package or we can send it as multiple items for example: -

You have 1 box of feathers weighing 2 kgs and a box of books weighing 18kgs. Both boxes are 46cm x 46cm x 25cm. Now doing the equation we have above we can see the boxes volume at 8.82Kgs each giving us 17.64Kgs total volumetric weight which is less than the 20kgs actual weight. So if you have a light item its best to balance this with a heavy item the trick is to get the volume and the actual weight as close as possible to make it as economical as possible.

Do you send to...?

We provide an unaccompanied airfreight service to all international airports throughout the world. With over 40 years of experience in sending personal effects to many destinations we can offer competitive rates and a weekly airfreight service.

Here are just some of the destinations that we cover: -

  • Australia

    • Adelaide

    • Brisbane

    • Cairns

    • Hobart

    • Melbourne

    • Perth

  • Botswana

    • Gaborone

  • Ethiopia

    • Addis Ababa

  • Ghana

    • Accra

  • India

    • Bengaluru (Bangalore)

    • Chennai (Madras)

    • Dehli

    • Kochi (Cochin)

    • Kolkata (Calcutta)

    • Mumbai (Bombay)

  • Iran

    • Tehran

  • Kuwait

    • Kuwait

  • Malawi

    • Blantyre

    • Lilongwe

  • Qatar

    • Doha

  • Saudi Arabia

    • Dammam

    • Jeddah

    • Riyadh

  • Uganda

    • Kampala

  • Zambia

    • Lusaka

  • Zimbabwe

    • Harare

How to Book?

Please contact us through the link below for our up to date rates for the above and all other destinations.

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Please note information about items that cannot be sent as unaccompanied airfreight can be found here

Airfreight Documentation

Packing List

Airline Security Declaration