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Removals to Australia

The considerable distance when shipping to Australia can mean that choosing the right company for your removal to Australia is a major decision in your relocation plans. We offer a full container service and a part container service for shipping to all major Australian cities on a regular basis.

Easy Payment Terms:
Pay 50% UK & 50% upon arrival of the goods in Australia

  • Free - no obligation survey at your residence
  • Establised over 40 years
  • Insurance cover with Aviva "One of the worlds largest insurance companies"

Quarantine charges: Prepay in the UK or pay at destination

  • Car & caravan shipments
  • Airfreight services to all major Australian airports


We have various options of transporting your personal belongings to Australia, depending on whether you are taking a single item or all your house content including proverbially the kitchen sink.

For small and singular items we can airfreight into all major Australian airports including Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane. For larger consignments we can offer a shipping service to Australia with options of a shared container service in which you pay for space occupied in the container or you can hire a container for your sole use.

With a shared container the transit time would depend on when we have sufficient cargo to ship whilst with a sole use container the client can dictate when they want the container shipping. Our shipping service to Australia has transit times as follows - 5 weeks to Brisbane, 6 weeks for Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and 7 weeks to Adelaide. We will attend to customs clearance of your items and arrange delivery to your new address. Our removal service to Sydney and most other major cities can incorporate a free storage period if your residence is not available when the shipment arrives.

Australia operate a very strict quarantine policy and all outdoor items will be examined including garden tables, bikes, golf clubs etc. Other items such as foodstuffs and animal skins should not be imported.

We can also offer a shipping service to Australia of your motor vehicles to Australia either in a container or by a car carrying vessel, car carrying vessels (Ro-Ro) operate into Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth but not Adelaide or Darwin.

When shipping to Australia all outside items, such as bicycles, garden furniture etc should be thoroughly cleaned before shipment. For further information regarding shipping to Australia, please check out the following website


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