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Atlantis Forwarding Ltd
Atlantis Forwarding Ltd

International Removal and Moving Services to Gambia

We can ship Household Effects to Gambia via the port of Banjul. There is a container service available and we can off the following options -

6 metre (20 foot) 12 metre (40 foot) 12 metre (40 foot HC)
Length 5.96m (19'4") 12.03m (39'6") 12.03m (39'6")
Width 2.34m (7'8") 2.34m (7'8") 2.34m (7'8")
Height 2.385m (7'9.90") 2.385m (7'9.90") 2.690m (8'9.91")

Containers can be loaded direct at your residence subject to access being good or at our store Leeds.

Ships depart every week and the transit time to Banjul, Gambia is 14-18 days.

If you have insufficient carto for your own container we can ship in a shared container where the cost will be determined by your gross volume.

As an alternative to Shipping we can offer Airfreight for smaller consignments. Collection can be arranged throughout the UK to Banjul airport. Airfreight does have restrictions for the items that can be flown - see full details here.

For small parcels under 10 kilos there is our courier service available which will clear and delivery to your home throughout Gambia.