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Atlantis Forwarding Ltd
Atlantis Forwarding Ltd

International Removal and Moving Services to South Africa

We offer a regular shipping service to South Africa into Durban, Capetown and Port Elizabeth. From there we can onforward to Johannesburg, Pretoria, Bloemfontein and other destinations throughout South Africa.

Shipments can be done by utilising sole use of a 20ft or 40ft container of the following internal dimensions

6 metre (20 foot) 12 metre (40 foot) 12 metre (40 foot HC)
Length 5.96m (19'4") 12.03m (39'6") 12.03m (39'6")
Width 2.34m (7'8") 2.34m (7'8") 2.34m (7'8")
Height 2.385m (7'9.90") 2.385m (7'9.90") 2.690m (8'9.91")

If there is insufficient cargo for your own container we offer a shared container service to destinations throughout South Africa.

Vehicles imported into South Africa require an import licence and we can offer a Ro-Ro service for vehicles to South Africa, the port of entry is Durban.

We are able to offer an airfreight service to South African international airports – Durban, Johannesburg and Capetown.

Air cargo has restrictions on what items can be sent - see full details here.

Transit time by seafreight to South Africa is 4/5 weeks and by air allow 1 week.