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International Removal and Moving Services to Zambia

Zambia is a landlocked country between Mozambique and Angola. Cargo for Zambia enters either via Dar es Salaam, Tanzania or through Beira, Mozambique.

We can ship 20ft or 40ft containers through to Lusaka, Kitwe or Ndola, if you do not have sufficient cargo for a full container then we can offer a shared container service to Lusaka.

6 metre (20 foot) 12 metre (40 foot) 12 metre (40 foot HC)
Length 5.96m (19'4") 12.03m (39'6") 12.03m (39'6")
Width 2.34m (7'8") 2.34m (7'8") 2.34m (7'8")
Height 2.385m (7'9.90") 2.385m (7'9.90") 2.690m (8'9.91")

Vehicles entering Zambia normally do so via Dar es Salaam, vehicles should have a pre-inspection prior to export. In order to obtain a certificate of roadworthiness please contact Jevic.

Link to ZAMS Website

Consignments by air can be collected throughout the UK - Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, London etc and then forwarded on to Lusaka airport. There are restrictions on items that are sent by airfreight and a full list can be found here.