International Removals

We Offer Worldwide Vehicle Shipping

We offer a worldwide service for the shipment of motor vehicles - cars, 4x4, vans, trucks, buses and earth moving equipment on a Ro-Ro service (Roll on Roll off) operating form the UK ports of Tilbury, Sheerness, Immingham and Southampton.

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Vehicle Shipping Destinations

Ro-Ro Services operate into the Mediterranean, West, South and East Africa, Asia, North America and Australia.

Shipping Process

Vehicles shipped on the Ro-Ro vessels must conform to certain standards mainly to be able to drive on and off the vessels. So the engine, brakes and steering must be in a reasonable condition with sufficient fuel to allow the vehicles to be driven on and off the ship. To certain destinations personal effects may be carried inside the vehicles but no effects are to be carried on front seats and for health and safety reasons must not be overloaded.

Vehicles that are not taxed or tested can be collected throughout the UK for delivery by car transporter or a low loader for larger vehicles such as vans or trucks. Insurance can be offered for most destinations at a competitive rate through Aviva.

There are several decks on these vessels, with all vehicles shipped and secured in the interior decks with containers occasionally carried on the upper deck.

Car Shipping

There is normally a deck specifically designed for the carrying of saloon and estate cars, this deck carries cargo under 1.6m in height and are at a fixed cost irrelevant of the size of the car.

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Van Shipping

Other decks carry 4x4, vans and larger vehicles and are usually determined by the overall dimensions of the vehicles.

Vehicle Shipping Costs

The costs are determined by the destination and the size and weight of the cargo involved.

For confirmation of the current costs please complete our online application form.

Of Vehicle Shipping to Zimbabwe, Africa

Many people are now migrating to Zimbabwe, a beautiful landlocked country located in the southern part of the African continent. Gifted with beautiful sceneries, diverse cultures, ancient tribes, and friendly people, Zimbabwe is a great place to do visit, to deal with business, or even to take up permanent residence. Another aspect that makes Zimbabwe a good place to stay is that it has a thriving economy. A good road network, coupled with adventure-filled rough roads that allow easy access to remote parts of the country, is one of the things that contribute to the improvement of the country’s economy. Because of its modern network you might want to bring your beloved vehicle with you should you decide to tour, do business, or reside in the country. Vehicle shipping to Zimbabwe, Africa, the destination, insurance, and even the dimensions of your vehicle. Even the choice of your shipping company is a deciding factor in shipping your car to Zimbabwe. Without a thorough plan, getting your beloved coupe, sedan, SUV, or van to another country could become a nightmare. To make life easier for you and to avoid getting headaches, here are a few tips on how for successful car shipping to Zimbabwe, Africa.

Tips for Successful Auto Shipping

One, do not settle for one service provider. Get different quotes from several suppliers for car shipping to Zimbabwe in Africa. When requesting quotes, make sure you consider your shipping dates, desired transport methods, departure and destination of your shipment, and the type of vehicle being shipped. Two, after selecting a provider, make sure you read the clauses and small print thoroughly before signing off a contract, especially on car insurance details due to accidental damage, pick-up and delivery schedules, and cancellation terms. No verbal agreements should be made; everything should be placed in writing. Three, you should have the proper documentation. For Zimbabwe, you need a Form C38, Immigrant’s Declaration, Passport, Residence Permit, Import License, car registration papers, manufacturer’s conformity certificate, and completed customs form. Consult with your shipping company about documentation as well as duties to be paid. Four, once you have the complete documents and are clarified on all conditions and fees, it is time to prepare your car. Clean your car thoroughly inside out. Normally, your shipping company will thoroughly inspect your car to check if there is any pre-existing damage. Thus, it is a good idea to take pictures of any pre-existing damage on your car so you can make comparisons when it reaches its destination. Finally, to conclude a successful auto shipping to Zimbabwe, pick up your car during daylight so you can properly inspect it for any damage when it arrives at the port.

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