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International Vehicle Shipping to Lesotho

We can offer a service for the shipment cars, 4x4's and vans to Maseru, Lesotho via Durban. This service can be employed using a Ro-Ro service or by our container service operating out of Leeds or Bradford.

Ro-Ro Services to Lesotho

The Ro-Ro service to ship your car, van or truck to Maseru, Lesotho operates out of Immingham and Sheerness and carries cars, vans and trucks through to Durban.

Container Services to Lesotho

Our container service to ship your car, 4x4 or van to Maseru, Lesotho operates out of our Bradford Depot and can accomodate cars, 4x4's and vans not exceeding 2.6m high.
Loaded vehicles are much more secure during transit to Maseru, Lesotho in our container service than on our Ro-Ro Service.

Vehicles for Maseru, Lesotho have to be transported through South Africa on transporter (Cars) or low-loader (Vans and Trucks).

For Maseru, cars arriving in Durban will require copies of the V5 (car registration document), Shipping Invoice and Purchase Invoice.

Average transit times for vehicles to Maseru, Lesotho are estimated to be between 4 and 5 weeks from the date of the ship leaving the UK.
Ships on average sail every fortnight from Immingham and Sheerness.

To ship your vehicle, please complete our online application form

Collections Available Throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland

Vehicles that are not taxed or tested can be collected throughout the UK and Ireland for delivery by car transporter or a low loader for larger vehicles such as vans or trucks.


Insurance can be offered from UK to Maseru at 2.5% of the total value of the vehicle with Aviva.